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So I watched a documentary on Queen the other night. Profound. Most musicians/bands, I find (having once been a music major) begin to have the same “formula” if you will, for writing lyrics and music, but especially the music…have you noticed? It’s like playing cards with half the deck missing, or reading a book with the same pages inserted several times throughout the book. Unfulfilling. Queen, however, is one of the only bands that hasn’t (I am using present tense because they are still performing – now with Adam Lambert as lead) become boringly dull.

Boredom and dullness are two words I detest. Are you like me? Do you have a need to have entertainment-du-jour? Over covid I was about as Looney Tunes as you can get without being locked up for 28 days due to the unabating boredom. Sure, there were some rainbows and butterflies, but mostly I had doldrums.

Freddie Mercury, I believe, would have handled covid differently. I believe he and Queen would have been music making machines, whirling out stunning rhythms, soaring notes and stirring poetry. Our world would have been much more “queenly.” If only. TTFN

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