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As a Communications Major and an aspiring blogger I have often been told, “just start writing” when I said I’m afraid my content won’t be good enough or I won’t be readable. I want to write about life and it’s hurts and hurdles, it’s challenges and choices and it’s beauty and balance. All of which could fall flat quite easily. I want to be authentic. Gone are the days of trying to be the “best” writer. Focusing now on truth and the Truth, my goals are much different than in past failed attempts at blogging.

My blog site tells me that longer is better. Well, for me, for now, shorter may be better, so I don’t get into the failure lane again.

My hope is that you will enjoy this and track along with me. Not sure the full range of topics yet, but they will be diverse, for sure, with the overarching topics being something like: health, depression, politics, self-esteem, spirituality, exercise, race relations, etc. Just write it, Ellen! TTFN (ta ta for now), I know it’s ‘80s!

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